New Canaan Ski Club (based in Fairfield County, CT)

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Launched in January 2013, our group is a member of the CT Ski Council which gives us access to fantastic ski programs/rates available at most VT/NH resorts and a selection of other US and European resorts. 

Our subscription is $90 this year per household - take your family of 4 skiing on any of our deals, and you will save around $200.  Immediate payback!

You can subscribe/renew your subscription to the New Canaan Ski Club now (click here)

You join because...

...our Awareness Days (published in early September) will give you a list of participating resorts with Ski Club discounts.  This means lift ticket prices as low as ~$39 and there is a discount offered every day, all season long, at some ski VT/NH resort from November to April.  You can view last season´s schedule in the side bar and expect that all rates increase by a small percentage.

...we have preferred pricing at Mount Snow! Last season, we had "group" lift ticket pricing in effect every day of the ski season whether it is just you or your whole family skiing.  We anticipate the same arrangement for this season.  More info posted will be posted under Ski Deals.

...we have discounts at SKI Butternut.  It is more local us and perfect for day trips.  They usually offer us daily discounted lift tickets all season long.  More to come.  See Ski Deals for specifics! can rent a 2 BR/2BA condo in Stowe at a great rate.  Click here to find out how to reserve a 2 BR/2BA condo (with a pool) at a great NC Ski Club rate!

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What's So Great About This Club?

Members are ski families and ski enthusiasts that enjoy many of the trails and slopes across New England.

The New Canaan Ski Club is for families that enjoy the social experience of skiing.

Kids love skiing with other kids...and their parents too!

We are a member of the Connecticut Ski Council!

Members of CT Ski Council

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